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Budget 2022 Breakdown: No relief for young New Zealanders

June 01, 2022 Share

Recently, Labour delivered its fifth Budget. It was another lost opportunity to deliver any tangible outcomes for young Kiwis. 

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Submission on the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

November 16, 2021 Share

The Young Nats have long called for better policy solutions for the housing emergency in Aotearoa New Zealand. As the generation of New Zealanders who are paying record-high rents and struggling to pull together a deposit for our first home we are acutely aware of the impact the current housing emergency is causing.

The Young Nats support this Bill addressing the housing emergency because buying a home in Aotearoa New Zealand or having an affordable rental property must not be an unachievable aspiration, but a feasible reality.

Submission on the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill

September 08, 2021 Share

The Young Nats publicly endorsed the banning of conversion practices in Aotearoa New Zealand following a formal and nationwide consultation of our membership in late 2019. Since then, we have publicly advocated for this policy and actively supported this bill which will ensure the reduction of future harm to rainbow communities and condemn conversion practices for what they are: harmful and dangerous.

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Young Nats Submission on the Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Bill

June 22, 2021 Share

In 2019, the Young Nats endorsed the legalisation of drug and substance checking at concerts and festivals in New Zealand following a formal, nationwide consultation process with our membership. Since then, we have continued to publicly advocate for this policy, and supported the Government's urgent action to establish a legal framework in late 2020.

Budget 2021 Round Up

May 20, 2021 Share

Earlier this week, the Young Nats published our top policy priorities we were looking for in Budget 2021. This included improved access to mental health, action on housing, relief from spiralling living costs, and investments to boost our economy post-COVID

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Young Kiwis and the post COVID economy

April 27, 2020 Share

If you asked anyone at the beginning of the year what they thought 2020 would look like we doubt many would have pinpointed a world-wide lock-down. Many would have highlighted the various trips they were planning around New Zealand and abroad, the turning of a new leaf on the eve of a new decade and would have proudly boasted about the New Year’s resolutions they were set to embark upon.

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An open letter to Victoria University

April 25, 2020 Share

Dear Professor Guilford,

We are writing today to express the immense disappointment of both ourselves and the wider student population at Victoria on the decision made by the University to reinstate weekly fees for halls of residences from the 29th of April.

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Turning up the hype, down south

February 24, 2020 Share

Few things fill me up with more pride for our national beauty quite like staring out across Lake Wakatipu at the Remarkables in the gorgeous city of Queenstown, and nothing gets me more hyped for an election year than being there with 60 other Young Nats preparing for the campaign ahead!

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Proud to be women in National

September 19, 2019 Share

In 1893, the women of New Zealand, as we often do, led the world. We led the charge that resulted in a world first. A woman’s right to vote. 

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Budget 2019: The wins and loses for young New Zealanders

June 19, 2019 Share

There was a lot of hype around last Thursday’s “Wellbeing Budget” (just maybe not for all the reasons the Government wanted). While there’s a few goodies in there for us youngsters, we reckon that overall, this budget fails to deliver for the majority of young New Zealanders.

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