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Don't write ScoMo off, just yet

April 28, 2019 Share

The polls are bad, they have been for a while. The Coalition’s had resignations, more than a few. The unions and Labor are organised, well organised.

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What's the deal with a capital gains tax?

April 15, 2019 Share

So let’s be real, aside from the odd accountant, taxes aren’t a very interesting issue for most kiwis, let alone young ones. They’re the thing we just kind of ignore off the top of our pay cheque or the extra cost on your weekly grocery shop. They’re not very interesting, but that said, they can have massive effects on how we operate as a country and our day to day lives.

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The Gay Young Nat

July 29, 2018 Share

Anyone who has met me or has the misfortune of being my friend on Facebook, knows how much I love politics. However, what less people may know is that I am gay. When I first came out I had been an active Young Nat for over two years. I knew everyone I needed to know, and was friends with most of them.

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