Our Policy

The Young Nats believe in building a better future for all young New Zealanders through equal opportunity, individual choice, and reward for achievement. 

Our Policy Platform

Since mid 2018, the Young Nats have worked with members across the country to develop our Young Nats Policy Platform. In doing so, we've talked to hundreds of young people about the most important issues and priorities for young New Zealanders, while offering some innovative ideas for tackling these big challenges as we head in to the 2020s.

The Young Nats Policy Platform is made up of four policy pillars: mental health, environment, education, and employment. Check out each of our policy ideas by clicking on the pillars below.

Mental Health Policy  

Environment Policy    

  Education Policy       

  Employment Policy  

The Young Nats are proud to be the center-right voice of young people in New Zealand. If you believe in policy that promotes individual choice, equal opportunity, and caring communities, then get involved with us today.