NZ Young Nats call on Youth Wings to oppose Waka Jumping

NZ Young Nats call on Youth Wings to oppose Waka Jumping Legislation

The Young Nats today have called on all political youth wings to collectively oppose the anti-democratic ‘Electoral (Integrity) Act Amendment Bill 2018’, more aptly known as the ‘Waka Jumping’ legislation.

“This legislation is an affront to democracy. As young people, we need to stand together to oppose such damaging changes to our electoral system. We must ensure it remains representative and viable for generations to come.” Young Nats President, Sam Stead says.

“Young people across the globe continue to act as guardians of democracy, identifying and protesting negative trends or proposals to ensure the protection of our democratic systems. It’s time for us to collectively stand together and do the same in New Zealand.”

The Waka Jumping legislation would have limited the ability of many Members of Parliament, past and present, to act in the best interest of New Zealanders and speak against controversial policies and leadership. The ability to oppose one’s party without the threat of expulsion is a key pillar of a representative democracy.

“For a Government that prides itself on its values, it seems to have forgotten these as quickly as possible in the pursuit of power. This Bill truly is a ‘Dead Rat’ that the Greens and Labour are having to swallow.”

“Let’s work together as the conscience of our parties to ensure the right outcome. Let’s stop this Bill.”